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Castanea Partners is an experienced private equity firm that provides financial, strategic, and operational support to consumer brands.

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Jackrabbit Design
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Castanea approached Jackrabbit for a total refresh of their brand. This encompassed everything from their logo to the website to all marketing collateral. This refresh would carry over to future projects that Jackrabbit would work on with them. My role was to design the website from the new logo that our team had designed. This would set the tone for the rest of the brand and collateral.

Castanea Partners Header

Visual Design

The main color on the website is a dark gray with cool tones used on the logo. Castanea settled on a muted purple secondary color. This helps set their firm apart from the blue colors that many private equity and financial companies use.

The primary visuals in the header are photography from the Castanea's partners. We leveraged the provided photography and stories and incorporated them onto the website. This helps the website focus on the consume brands. The overlapping elements gives the header depth. Both the photo and the logo link to the company's brand page.

The next section highlights some of the brands that Castanea works with. Again, we wanted to make good use of all the photo assets provided. The client was able to provide with us vector logos for their partner brands. This gave us an opportunity to combine SVGs and photography to have an interactive way of linking to the brand pages.

Castanea Partners Founders Page

One point of emphasis that Castanea wanted to feature were the founders of the brands. This section links to a landing page with the founders and can progress to a page about each of the founders. These pages help show the close relationship that Castanea has with each of these founders and their company.

Castanea Partners Team Bio Page

It was vital for visitors and potential partners to get to know the Castanea team members. Each team member has their own page with contact information, their story, and links to the brands that they work with. This background information is important for helping visitors see who they may work with.

Castanea Partners News Pages

The news landing page provides a scannable list of articles and press releases. The news detail pages are in a simple two-column layout with space for a photo and a point of contact at Castanea.

Castanea Partners Mobile Screens

Having the website be responsive was an important part of Castanea's new website, and I created high-fidelity mockups for each page type that we had.

Castanea Partners Contact Page

The contact page uses Mapbox to help provide a custom‐colored map of Castanea's office.