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Italy/Switzerland 2016

Italy/Switzerland 2016 is a personal microsite for giving background information and photos of a trip that my friends and I went on in 2016.

Photographer, Designer, Developer
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Lake Near Lauterbrunnen


Following my first trip to Europe in the fall of 2016, I wanted to have a small, dedicated place to organize and post my favorite photos from the trip. The first iteration of the site needed many improvements, both in design and in usability. The current version of the site aims to make browsing photos faster, allow viewers to navigate from section to section easier, and provide a better focus for individual photos.

I also took this opportunity to work on my front-end development skills and be able to take a simple visual design and translate that into a functioning responsive website.

Italy/Switzerland 2016 Homepage in a Device

I used white text on a black background throughout the site to help keep the emphasis on the photography. On the homepage, the single column, alternating layout of each location acts as a timeline of the trip.

Partial Detail Page of Thun

Within a location's detail page, I wanted to present the days that we were there and give a quick description of any notable happenings. From there, the photos are displayed in different arrangements, with featured photos having a larger presence.

Photograph of Lugano