User Interface

Jackrabbit Seeds

Seeds is an internal visual archive and inspiration tool used to house project ideas, concepts, and final designs.

Jackrabbit Design
Jackrabbit Seeds Landing Page in a Device


Seeds used to be an internal tool at Jackrabbit Design for employees to post inspiration to. It fell into disuse, but a project manager wanted to revive it with two goals in mind. First, it would be an internal place to upload images and files for a quick reference. Second, they would use it to show clients related Jackrabbit projects that may not have a full case study on the website. I started brainstorming and designing around this goal.

Jackrabbit Seeds Visual Design

Visual Design

I stuck with a white background with a light shadow behind each project card to have the visuals of the project to be the focus. Pops of Jackrabbit's blues and greens were used for buttons and actions (like/comment icons).

Jackrabbit Seeds Project Detail Page


We kept some of the same functionality as the old Seeds, including the abilities to “like” or comment on a project. To make things easy to search and filter through, we added a tagging functionality. Uploaders can add colors, visual notes, and project types. More required form fields were added (project number for reference, industry, notes, and project type) to help organize Seeds.

Jackrabbit Seeds Cards

Project managers requested making JPGs and PDFs easy to download to show clients relevant projects outside of Jackrabbit's portfolio. These actions were designed to be the primary actions that can be taken.

Jackrabbit Seeds Homepage and Project Detail Page


Adding projects to Seeds is now a required at the end of a Jackrabbit project. To date, over 400 projects have been uploaded. An internal newsletter of a list of featured projects from Seeds is also posted monthly for inspiration.