Visual Design, Identity

Michael Coady, MD

Dr. Michael Coady is a New York-based heart surgeon with eighteen years of experience and more than four thousand successful surgeries performed.

Art Direction, Design
George Sumpster, Ben Dedrick
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Dr. Coady wanted to establish a web presence to market his background and skillset in a reassuring tone to potential patients. The primary drive of the website is get users to contact him if they have any needs or questions.

The client provided wireframes, videos, and photography. Together, we determined that a two-page website would be able to service Dr. Coady's needs while meeting his budget.

Michael Coady, MD Visual Design

Visual Design

The visual design aims to be clean and professional. The website uses blue for actions and a muted blue in the background to provide a calming, soothing feel. This helps in what can be a very scary and unsure process for the patient.

Dr. Coady wanted to tell the story of how his piano experience ties into his medical abilities. This is done through the video in the header that acts as an ambient background video. The full video with audio is played once the user clicks into it.

Michael Coady, MD Homepage Section

Photographs, quote callouts, and videos help break up what could have been a medical jargon-heavy website.

The patient roundtable section at the bottom houses a photo slider and links to the event recap page. This page helps show some of the people that Dr. Coady has changed the lives of. The roundtable section then leads into the contact module, where visitors are able to contact him for more information if needed.

Michael Coady, MD Patient Testimonials Pages

The website also provides a page for Dr. Coady to put up written testimonials from his patients. Featured testimonials are larger larger size and include a photo of the patient. Written testimonials can be clicked into to launch a lightbox that would provide the scanned card/letter and a transcript for easier reading.

Michael Coady, MD Patient Reunion Group Photo