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Red Sox Foundation

The Red Sox Foundation is the official charity of the Boston Red Sox that aims to help children, families, and veterans in the community.

Art Direction, Design
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Red Sox Foundation Homepage in a Device


The foundation wanted an update to their website to match their updated logo and make sure that the website would work well on mobile devices. They also wanted a better way to feature high‐traffic sections and highlight more of what the organization does.

Red Sox Foundation Visual Design

Visual Design

The website spotlights the Red Sox brand colors, especially with a dark blue background and pops of red. Large photography, diamonds/triangles, and diagonal patterns help break up information and bring attention to actionable items.

Red Sox Foundation Megamenu Navigation Dropdown

The megamenu dropdown gives the Red Sox Foundation an organized way to present longer lists of secondary navigation links.

Red Sox Foundation Top Modules

The 50‐50 Raffle and the Scoreboard Message were brought up right below the hero banner so that users could quickly access these two high‐traffic pages. Green used for the Scoreboard Message banner mimic the green used on the scoreboard at Fenway Park.

Red Sox Foundation 50-50 Raffle and Scoreboard Pages
Red Sox Foundation Social Media Module

A large social media section at the bottom helps push user engagement with the Red Sox Foundation and give a quick glimpse of recent happenings.

Red Sox Foundation Mobile Screens

On the mobile site, I wanted to keep the visual punch of the desktop site while making sure everything was properly sized and easy‐to‐use.

Red Sox Foundation Events Pages

Events provide fundraising and raise awareness for the Red Sox Foundation's mission. The Events page was designed to have a list and calendar view to make browsing through events easy.

Red Sox Foundation News Pages

The News pages give the Red Sox Foundation a place to house news and press releases. The landing page gives them the ability to feature three different items and allows users to filter through the events. The news detail page gives users a clean single-column layout for ease of reading.

Red Sox Foundation Media Pages

The Photos section contains filterable albums that lead into the full gallery for that album. Clicking on a photo launches a lightbox that gives visitors the ability to share the photo.

Red Sox Foundation RBI Landing Page


The website redesign helped increase the number of user sessions by 7%. The responsive design that the new website incorporates has been beneficial to the 55.3% of users that access the Red Sox Foundation's website on mobile devices.

The placement of the 50‐50 Raffle callout on the homepage helped increase the page's views by 34.54% and increased the average time spent on page by 22 seconds. The addition of the Scoreboard Message callout on the homepage helped increase the views of the Order Scoreboard Messages page by 17.64% and increased the average time on page spent by 34 seconds.