Packaging Design

Smartfish Group

Smartfish Group is a full-service agency. Under their umbrella, I worked on several packaging products for alcoholic beverages. These were done under the Half Full, Golden Road Brewing, and Scratch Cocktail brands. My roles on these projects included ideation, designing, and production dielines for cans and packaging, which would be used by the manufacturers and printers.

Smartfish Group
Half Full Brewery Seasonal Can Designs

Half Full Brewery

Half Full Brewery is a small Connecticut-based brewer. Half Full wanted to differentiate each product line while maintaining some of the same, core visual elements.

I first worked on the Within Reach and Positively Pumpkin cans that are part of their seasonal releases. The colors, typography, and imagery are bright, friendly, and match the flavors that are part of the drinks.

Half Full Brewery Main Line Can Designs

The second line I worked on for Half Full were the Bright, Pursuit, and Refresh Ales that are part of their core lineup. These use colors on the cold side of the spectrum for each flavor and icons as flavor indicators.

Half Full Brewery Community Sourced Ales Can Designs

For Half Full's Community Sourced Ale collaboration projects, I designed the Rise & Shine, Transcend Hoppiness, and Bee Enlightened cans. To meet the client's budget and timeframe requirements, we utilized stock images. The woodcut imagery helped set this line apart from the company's other lines.

Scratch Cocktails Can Designs

Wachusett Brewing Company

Wachusett Brewing Company is an award-winning brewery in the Massachusetts founded in 1994. For them, I worked on Scratch Cocktails, a new brand and line of canned, prepared cocktails that include flavors such as Margarita, Moscow Mule, White Sangria, and Raspberry Margarita. To meet the client's budget and timeframe requirements, we utilized stock images. The vintage illustrations give these cans a classic, traditional feel.